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Pricing & Turnaround Time


Pricing and turnaround time depend on the length, clarity and quality of the audio; the number of speakers; the accents of speakers; code switching or mixing of languages; the level of editing required; and any writing/translation component involved.

Compared to international companies, we offer the highest possible quality at economic pricing for Hindi to Hindi and Hindi to English transcription. If you have audio files longer than 3 hours, we can offer you a free transcription sample of 15 minutes. 

Our transcripts are done in 3 steps: manual transcription, proofreading and a final QC. Usually, the timing required for transcription is 4 to 6 times the audio-minutes. In challenging audios, the time required may even be as high as 10X, including QC.

Approximate pricing range:
English audio to English text: 30 INR to 120 INR per minute of audio.
(Rate can be as low as 30 INR for special cases like voice memos and podcasts not requiring research and QC)
Hindi audio to Hindi text: 50 INR to 140 INR per audio minute.
Proofreading, formatting and QC of AI generated transcripts: 30 to 60 INR per audio minute.
Hindi audio to English text: 100 INR to 400 INR per audio minute.
(Special rates for large volume or long term projects) 

Contact us to discuss your requirements. We can let you know the delivery date and price after discussing the project. 

Editing Pricing

Editing & Other Services

PLEASE NOTE: Additional fee for any scope creep will be added to the billing - this can include additional research, substantial amount of additional writing work, graphics, any extra content for SEO or social media, etc. We will have a discussion with you to define and agree upon the parameters of the project before starting work to avoid confusions and delays. 

Pricing and turnaround time for writing, translation, proofreading and editing services depend on the size of the work, the subject, and type of services required. The pricing for proofreading-editing services can range from 0.25 INR to 4 INR per word.
Approximate rates are as follows:

  1. Simple Proofreading (punctuation & typos): 0.25 INR per word

  2. Light Edits, Copy Editing: 0.50 INR per word

  3. Substantive Editing without Research (or SME provided by client): 1.10 INR per word

  4. Substantive Editing with Research: 2 INR per word

  5. Substantive/Developmental Editing of Scientific Research Proposals: 3 INR per word 

  6. Substantive/Developmental Editing of general content with Writing and Research: 4 INR per word 

*SME = Subject Matter Expert

Writing-Translation Services

The pricing for writing services with or without translation can range from 2.50 INR to 5 INR per word.


** Students get special discounted rates for theses and article manuscripts. Discuss with us to get a quote. 

*** Repeat customers get discounted rates.


We accept payments via Paypal, NEFT Transfer, Credit/Debit Cards (via Razorpay Payment Links), Google Pay, UPI and other Pay Wallets. 

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